Tricks to buy Xiaomi Mi TV, Phones etc in Flash Sales !!

How to successfully book Redmi Note 5/ Note 5 Pro?

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Xiaomi flash sale right from starting their business was to create hype around its product, even though they used to say that it is due to supply chain and manufacturing issues. Even after four years in Indian market though XIAOMI achieved a leadership position in the last two quarters, they launch the product for a period in flash sales. If you want to get one during these flash sales it is quite difficult or next to impossible for many. We collected various tricks from different forums to help you in getting a phone or TV by following simple steps. Please share and give your comments below for more tricks if you have any?

Flipkart and Mi  app use different rules:

In Flipkart, you have to complete the whole order process including payment and address etc at the earliest. There is no success in adding the product to cart. Also, Flipkart now uses captcha. So anyone thinking to use those auto buy or auto add to cart scripts, Forget them. They totally useless.

Now how to book successfully on Flipkart?

Don’t use Flipkart app it doesn’t have a refresh option so it displays the buy now a few microseconds after its actually displayed so your chances are getting killed.

Don’t use Flipkart website on laptop/desktop if you are using your phone’s jio Hotspot for internet, Desktop version of website is heavy so takes more time to load also you will be slow in navigating on big Desktop website also the major concern is if using jio then the latency of the internet connection will be too high and you will miss the sale.

Use in mobile chrome (uninstall Flipkart app) or puffin browser for best chances

Before the sale order a dummy product like another phone and go through the whole process, that’s where is the payment options and where to click and just make yourself familiar with the order process so that you will be fast during the actual sale.

Don’t use any other payment options than cash on delivery, By the time you will complete payment it would have been out of stock. So check out with cash on delivery but after the order gets processed in your my order page you will get an option to complete the payment online if you want to complete online payment then do that.

Make sure your internet connection is fast enough and turn on/off airplane mode just around 11:57 also don’t put any task using your internet connection behind the scenes, You should turn on the battery saver mode so that any sync or anything won’t happen during that time.

Make sure you have turned on do not a disturb or otherwise, some friend or anyone else will call in the middle of the process and everything will be ruined.

Extra tip if you have added the product to your cart and then it goes out of stock then don’t remove it keep it there until next sale, on next sale do everything I told you before open your cart from 11:55 and keep refreshing, you will see a buy now button at 11:59:40 complete the order.

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