Steps to clean your smartphones

Various precautions to clean our phones safely.

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You must observe some precautions to make sure that you do not end up ruining the smartphone or instead breaking it. Here is a list of the Do’s and Don’ts which you must follow to have a hassle-free smartphone cleaning experience: –
1. Power off your phone and remove its battery. If your phone does not have a removable battery, then you just have to turn it off.
2. Make sure you are not standing while you are cleaning your phone, it might break it. Sit on a chair and do the cleaning process on a table. Keep all the cleaning material handy.
3. Remove any protective case or cover that you may be using.
4. Clean the screen with a dry cotton cloth with gentle strokes. If required apply a little pressure, do not press it too hard.
5. If required use only a damp cloth, not something that is soaking wet. Spray the cleaning liquid onto the cloth and then use it to wipe the screen.
6. Use a soft brush to remove dirt from tricky corners.
7. Use the damp cloth to clean the back side as well as the edges.
8. Use a soft blower or blow from your mouth to clean the charging port, speakers and the audio port.
9. Clean the front and back camera with a damp cloth and quickly dry it with a dry cloth.
10. Turn on the smartphone only after you have completed the cleaning process, and the phone is completely dried.


  1. Do not use a wet cloth. Always use a damp or dry cloth to clean the phone.
  2.  Never spray any liquid directly on to the screen; this could damage the phone completely.
  3.  Never attempt to clean your smartphone while standing. It might slip from your hand and break.
  4. Do not use any liquids to clean the various ports and jacks. It might cause irreparable damage.
  5. Do not use any sharp or pointed objects for cleaning.
  6. Do not try to use any mixture of chemicals that have been prepared by you. Always buy cleaning liquids explicitly prepared for cleaning the phone.


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