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Spotify is about to launch in India shortly.

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Spotify is very popular high quality music streaming app and  as many of the Singers choose their songs to be released in the platform. Spotify’s interest in the Indian market comes at a time when global companies like Amazon, Google, Apple and Netflix are aggressively expanding their base in the country. Amazon recently launched Amazon Prime Music service, which accompanies its video streaming platform Prime Video.

We all know that Amazon has launched its new service, Amazon Music in India, a few days ago. Now, another music streaming company is going to make its debut in India to counter the Amazon Music. It is the well known as Spotify. CEO Daniel Ek disclosed the company’s plans during a presentation earlier this week. He said that Spotify is looking to expand beyond the US with a special focus on markets such as India, Russia and Africa.

Spotify, which was launched in the year of 2008, now has a paid subscriber base of 71 Mn, spread across most of Europe, North and South Americas, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. Instead of Wall Street underwriting their public offering, the company is going down the unbeaten path of directly listing itself on the exchange. 72% of Spotify users are under the age of 34, while 43% are under the age of 24.

The revelation comes shortly after the company confirmed its plans to open office in new markets, including India. The company is also likely to go on a hiring spree to strengthen its presence in India. “We are working on launching in some of the biggest markets in the world, places like India, Russia, and Africa which has a very rich musical culture,” quoted Daniel as saying at the company’s annual Investor Day in New York.

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