New analysis suggests that Apple will release 5 types of iPhones

News leaked about second generation of iPhone-SE

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According to Taiwan’s “Electronic Times,” Luke Lin, a senior analyst at Digitimes  Research, the same door analyst, disclosed that Apple is also developing up to five next-generation iPhone’s, including the long-awaited second-generation iPhone SE, but if you are Looking forward for  the cheap version of iPhone X,  you will be disappointed.

  • the 5.7-5.8-inch LCD version,
  • the 6.0-6.1-inch LCD version,
  • the 6.0-6.1-inch OLED version,
  • the 6.4-6.5-inch OLED version,
  • IPhone SE version of unknown size.

But recently, Apple tends to cancel the OLED version 6.0-6.1 inch, only released in the high-end market two LCD version and a 6.4-6.5 inch OLED version , which is similar to this year’s product line layout.

After the size of iPhone X is upgraded from 5.8 inches to 6.4-6.5 inches, this 6.0-6.1-inch OLED version is generally regarded as the new cheap version of iPhone X. However, it seems that Apple will not easily meet the needs of users and will only let Everyone to buy a bigger iPhone X, and the more expensive is almost inevitable.

However, Luke Lin added that Apple has not yet made the final decision, so it is not certain exactly what model to release.

For the “entry-level” market iPhone SE will also usher in the update, the second generation of small-screen flagship production in the second quarter, officially released in May or June.

Specifications, this year’s iPhone will be full support for wireless charging (all glass back), and in addition to iPhone SE 2 are supported by both 3D and face recognition.

According to previous rumors, iPhone SE 2 will be equipped with A10 Fusion processor, 2GB of memory, 32 / 128GB storage, 1700mAh battery, but the screen will become much, has not made it clear.With this Supposed analysis we can safely assume and conclude the previous speculations that iPhone 10 life cycle will be short . so if you are a fan of apple  ,you have to eagerly wait to buy the new version of iPhone -X .

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